Having graduated from
Economic and Law Institute in Moscow
you will become a highly qualified specialist who will always be in demand in the labor market


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Economic and Law Institute in MosCow

The Institute trains highly qualified personnel according to the curricula of higher professional training based on the government educational standards in the Bachelor Programs:

Jurisprudence (law) / qualification - Bachelor of Jurisprudence
Economy / qualification - Bachelor of Economics
Management / qualification - Bachelor of Management

The Institute's postgraduate course provides an advanced training in the following specialties:

Constitutional law, municipal law
Economic theory
Economics and management of national economy
(the theory of economic systems management)

The Institute's highly qualified teaching staff carries on theoretical and applied research and takes an active part in the development of the present-day economic and law policy.

The Institute's teaching staff, research workers, and students are encouraged to publish the results of their investigations in the scientific magazine issued since 2002 and registered by the RF Ministry for Printing, Broadcasting and Mass Media.

The Institute has a Student Council, which organizes and coordinates the work of the educational, scientific, social and legal, informational, and sports sectors and, as a student self-government body, contributes to the improvement in the teaching, scientific, and educational processes and promotes relations with other higher educational institutions in Russia.

The Institute has the right to engage in teaching activities in the sphere of higher and postgraduate education based on license AAA no. 000072 of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Education and Science of July 07, 2010 (registration no. 0071).

The Institute has a state accreditation certificate (ВВ no. 000586 of July 07, 2010, registration no. 0580) and issues to its graduates the documents of higher education complying with the government standards.

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Economic and Law Institute in Moscow (ELIM) Address: Permskaya ul. 1, building 1,
Moscow, 107143 Russia
Telephones: (499) 167-1563; 167-0120; fax: (499) 167-7068
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